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After raising two daughters and following a
career as secretary-treasurer and accounting
controller of GM auto dealerships that lead me
into a position as computer software
consultant, I left my career path to follow my

His relocation took us  to the beautiful
and forest of southern Indiana replacing the
rolling hills of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The beauty that surrounded this area inspired
me to pursue my past passion of oil painting.

I worked to expand my  portfolio and improve
my techniques.  

After seventeen years in this area, I returned
to Ohio and  a community rich in the Cultural
Arts and  natural beauty of creeks, forest, and

My journey keeps me ever aware of the fact
that my abilitiy is a work-in-process.  With
each step, I view the prior steps with
wonder.  As I walk through a door of
understanding, I am unaware until I am on the
other side looking back.  It is the review of
the prior steps that helps me understand the
progress that I have made.
*Please note that the graphics on this website do not necessarily reflect true color and resolution due to the capabilities of
the digital camera, lighting, software, and my own experience or lack of experience with each camera.  A Casio QV-700
camera was used originally and more recently A Sony MVC FD88  and Kodak EasyShare C875 has been used.  
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July 13, 2017
Oil paintings of nature, children and family
portraits are my current driving enthusiasm.  
However, I do not wish to limit myself to the
stated subjects or media.